Term Description
Cascading filter A filter can be used to import a particular file format into memoQ, content can be included or excluded from import. A cascading filter is a filter chain, e.g. import a XLS file with the Excel filter and then chain a HTML filter to exclude e.g. HTML code from import
CMS CMS stands for Content Management System, a system to publish, and edit content on a website and to present its content on the web.
Concordance Concordance involves finding all entries which contain the expression you are looking for and presenting them in a way that you can easily see the context in which they appear.
filter A filter extracts translatable content from a particular file format, and imports the content into the memoQ translation environment. Each file format has its own file filter and can be customized. The translatable content can then be translated in the translation editor. The purpose of configuring a filter is to include or exclude content from import, e.g. Excel rows.
heavy resource A heavy resource is a translation memory, a term base or a LiveDocs corpus. All light resources have a default setting, can be cloned, edited and attached to a project, either a local or an online one. A translation memory can be exchanged in TMX format, a term base in CSV format (memoQ also allows TMX import), a corpus is XLIFF based. Assigning a heavy resource to a project, you can assign several TMs at once, but one must be set as primary. This also applies for term bases and corpora. See also primary TM.
Inline Tag An inline tag is a markup tag, a part of a segment. Inline tags can describe formatting such as bold or italics, or describe a special character or an image link. Formatting tags have an opening and a closing tag. Image tags or hyperlinks can be a standalone tag.
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light resource A light resource can be auto-translatables, segmentation rules, non-translatables, QA settings, TM settings, stop word lists, auto-correction lists, filter configurations. All light resources have a default setting, can be cloned, edited and attached to a project, either a local or an online one. Light resources can be imported or exported as MQRES (the memoQ proprietary resource exchange format).
local translation memory A local translation memory (TM) is stored on the translator's computer and can be used only by one user at a time.
markup Markup is content in a translatable item such as layout, formatting information, style definitions, and font information. Markup is almost always coded in the form of markup tags. Markup should be excluded from translation and not be touched at by the translator.
preview A representation of a file in translation that shows how the file will appear after translation.
primary TM A primary TM is the TM where all segments are stored in when a translator or reviewer confirms a segment.
reference TM A reference TM or several can be assigned to a project for reference and lookup. No segment is stored in it when it get confirmed in the translation editor.
RegEx Regular expression
regular expression A way to describe a text pattern. See also the memoQ Help. See also
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