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1 Compatibility between memoQ 2013 and memoQ 6.2 Featured

memoQ 2013 installs next to memoQ 6.2, so that both versions are available on the computer, with the following limitations: memoQ 2013 and memoQ 6.2 cannot run at the same time. memoQ 2013 can open projects that were created in memoQ 6.2, but the projects…

2 Update your memoQ server in less than 5 minutes Featured

Context: this short video shows you in real time how to upgrade your memoQ server.

3 Automatic updates of memoQ - troubleshooting and log file locations

Title: Automatic updates of memoQ - troubleshooting and log file locations Description: If the automatic updater (a.k.a. auto-update) is not installing the latest official update of memoQ, follow these steps to help Kilgray support troubleshoot the problem.…

4 Consequences of reinstalling or uninstalling memoQ

Title : Implications of reinstalling or uninstalling memoQ. Context : For some reason you wish/need to reinstall your memoQ application on your working computer. Description : As long as you do not manually delete any extra files, whenever you install memoQ…

5 Consequences of updating memoQ

Context: You are in the middle of a large project and are wondering if you should update memoQ to its latest build (6.X to 6.X+1). Description: There is no loss of content or resource when you update. This means you will be able to continue all your existing…

6 Corrupt Preferences-proxy.XML file

Title: Corrupt Preferences-proxy.XML file Description: Attempting to download a memoQ upgrade throws the following error: TYPE: System.UriFormatException MESSAGE: Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed. SOURCE: System CALL STACK: bei System.Uri.CreateThis(String…

7 Downloading and activating memoQ

Title : I have bought memoQ Translator Pro, where can I download it and how do I activate it? Context : You have just bough a Translator Pro license congratulation! You now wonder what steps are left before being able to use memoQ. Description : You need…

8 Files don't import or export at all, multiple versions of memoQ are installed

Title : Files don't import or export at all, multiple versions of memoQ are installed Context : You have at least two versions of memoQ, e.g. memoQ 5.0 and 6.0, or memoQ 6.0 and memoQ 6.2, installed. You have noticed that since you installed the upgrade,…

9 General error: Corpus version mismatch

Description: The following error occurs while running statistics General error. TYPE: MemoQ.ReferenceDocuments.Corpus+CorpusVersionException MESSAGE: Corpus version mismatch. SOURCE: MemoQ.ReferenceDocuments CALL STACK: en MemoQ.ReferenceDocuments.CorpusManager.CorpusManagerBase.GetCorpusObject(CorpusIn&

10 How to finish your server installation process

Title: How to finish your server installation process Context: Kilgray's support team sends you a PDF document that asks questions. If we receive the answers to the questions, we can finish your server installation process. However, at times we do not receive…

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