Working with an online package as vendor
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Title: Working with an online package as vendor

Description:    Your customer creates a package from an online project, and sends you as the vendor this package. You as vendor would like to further distribute the package content to your freelancers. Your customer has only granted you Package only permissions, i.e. that you are not allowed to access the memoQ server of your customer. You can only download a package via memoQWebTrans, or receive the package in an e-mail.

How to:    In the Dashboard, select your memoQ server in the Server URL text box, then click Select.

  1. Click the Import handoff package link below the project list. Navigate to the MQOUT file, then click Next. Choose the package resources. By default, all resources are enabled to be imported:
  2. Click Next to enter a name for the package. By default, it uses the package name you received from your customer.
  3. Click Next to choose the project options (the same as in the Create online project wizard). Click Finish to import the MQOUT file which you received from your customer. This creates an online project from the received package.
  4. Assign your translators and reviewers for the memoQ user roles.
  5. The translators and reviewers deliver in memoQ in clicking the Deliver/return link. 
  6. You as project manager have 2 additional options in the Translations pane: Import update package to import an update package from your customer, and a separate Deliver link to deliver to your customer.

Note: Some options such as Import, Import with options, Reimport document, Remove are not available when you create an online project from a package created from an online project.

Note: You can add your own resources to the project.

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