How to translate Adobe Illustrator files in memoQ
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memoQ 2014 R2 and beyond does NOT support native .AI files, but it does support .SVG


So, to translate Indesign files, you have several options:


• The "free" one: download and install the open-source editor Inkscape, which does support .AI files (http://inkscape.org)

    With that, you can open the .AI and save as .SVG


• The "paid" options:

   - get a subscription (it's not retail anymore) for Sysfilter for Illustrator here. It costs approx. $300 per year. Generates XLIFF files for import/export.

   - get a monthly subscription to Adobe Illustrator itself (here for pricing, works for other Adobe software too). Cost is 36 € per month. Use that to save as .SVG


That's pretty much it. There are other options, but they're usually outdated or completely unreasonable.


Ah, also, the tip of the day: if you get a .ai file, you can rename it to .pdf and open it with any PDF reader!!

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