Importing the content of an Excel spreadsheet on a “cell-by-cell” basis
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Title: Importing the content of an Excel spreadsheet on a “cell-by-cell” basis

Context: You wish to import a spreadsheet in memoQ but realize that the content of you cells is divided (based on punctuation mostly). It is important for you that cells are maintained as single segments.

Description: For versions earlier than 6.0.57, you needed to make sure the import was done with empty segmentation rules used in the current project.

Since memoQ 6.0.57, this option is now built-in.

How to: For memoQ 6 users there is an option in the Excel filter called “Import linebreaks as inline tags” that will prevent cell segmentation.

For memoQ5 users, you can work around that by cloning a segmentation ruleset, then deleting all rules inside it and use it before importing your file (make sure you remove & import again if you want to change, as "Reimport" reuses the former import settings).

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