Automating memoQ server 2013 R2 backups
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Title: Automating memoQ server 2013 R2 backups

Context: To provide data security, and, in case of a disaster, lose the least possible amount of data, it is a good idea to regularly create backups of all your memoQ server data. In memoQ server 2013 R2 you are able to create automated, scheduled backups of your memoQ server data.

Description: To create a memoQ server 2013 backup from command line or a script, you need to do run the Deployment Tool with the /backup=path-to-backup-file argument (eg. "%programfiles%\Kilgray\MemoQ Server Deployment\MemoQ.DeploymentTool.exe" /backup=C:\backup\mQs2013r2.bak). The Deployment Tool is installed on your server when you first run the memoQ server setup, and is updated whenever you run a newer version of memoQ server setup. It can be found in "Kilgray\MemoQ Server Deployment" under the Program Files folder on your system drive (usually the C: drive).

Please note that the backup process needs to stop memoQ server in order to be able to create a backup. This also means that you will not be able to use your memoQ server during backup, even though it only lasts for a few minutes. Therefore, please schedule your backups to run in a timeframe when it least affects your users.

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