I cannot upload files to Language Terminal
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Your file does not get uploaded to Language Terminal: while "uploading", the display is falls apart, or nothing happens, or your browser acts as if it were uploading but the file does not appear on the website.


Please check the brand and the version of your web browser. (Find the 'About' command.)

There is a known problem on Internet Explorer 10. Until this is fixed, do not use Internet Explorer 10 to access Language Terminal if you need to upload files.

There used to be a problem on Firefox 21 and 22, which was fixed in the first half of July 2013.

If your browser is different from Internet Explorer 10:

  1. In the browser's menu, delete browsing history, especially previously downloaded pages (this is called the Temporary Internet Files or the cache).
  2. Close all browser windows.
  3. Visit Language Terminal at https://languageterminal.com, and attempt to upload your file again.

If this fails, please contact Kilgray Support.

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