General error: Corpus version mismatch
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The following error occurs while running statistics 

General error.

Corpus version mismatch.


   en MemoQ.ReferenceDocuments.CorpusManager.CorpusManagerBase.GetCorpusObject(CorpusInfo ci
   en MemoQ.ReferenceDocuments.CorpusManager.CorpusManagerBase.GetLocalCorpus(CorpusInfo ci, IUserNameProvider userNameProvider)
   en MemoQ.ReferenceDocuments.GUI.CorpusManager.ClientCorpusManager.GetCorpus(CorpusInfo ci)
   en MemoQ.ReferenceDocuments.GUI.CorpusManager.ClientCorpusManager.countProjectCorporaInInfoCollForLang(String sourceLangCode, String targetLangCode)
   en MemoQ.ReferenceDocuments.GUI.CorpusManager.ClientCorpusManager.BatchLookupBest(Segment[] segments, Segment[] precedingSegments, Segment[] followingSegments, String[] contextIDs, CorpusLookupSettings options)
   en MemoQ.Project.StatisticsController.corpusGetCorpusHits(Segment[] segments, Segment[] precedingSegments, Segment[] followingSegments, String[] contextIDs, CorpusLookupSettings options)
   en MemoQ.Project.StatisticsJob`1.getTMCorpusHits(BatchLookupBestItem[] lookupItems, Int32 matchThreshold, LanguagePair languagePair, CorpusLookupSettings options)
   en MemoQ.Project.StatisticsJob`1.CalculateRowAnalysisBatchFlush()
   en MemoQ.Project.StatisticsJob`1.CalculateRowAnalysisBatch(Int32 i, Int32 actualSegmentSourceWordCount, Int32 actualSegmentSourceCharCount, Int32 actualSegmentSourceNonAsianWordCount, Int32 actualSegmentSourceAsianCharCount, Boolean isLast)
   en MemoQ.Project.StatisticsJob`1.CalculateRowCounts(Int32 i, Boolean isLast, IDocumentInfo documentInfo)
   en MemoQ.Project.StatisticsJob`1.DoJob()
   en MemoQ.Common.Job.JobBase.Execute(Object o)
The operation has been completed with some errors.


There are some old corpora on the PC and they make running statistics failure.
To fix this issue, please go into C:\ProgramData\memoQ (for XP: C:\Documents and settings\All users\Application data\memoq), and rename your corpora.xml file.
This will make your corpora disappear from the resource console, but you can still open them again by using the "register local" command with the following steps.
1. go to Tools menu > Resource console > LiveDocs
2. click on Register local
3. select Corpus.xml under the folder of corpus you would like to register

This way the old corpora will be migrated as well. 
And now you can run statistics.

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