attribute values mixed up in a document coming from a Transit package
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Title:  attribute values mixed up in a document coming from a Transit package


When doing quality assurance checks on a project coming from a Transit package, you may encounter warnings about tags missing and extra tags. This means that the tags on the source and target side are slightly different. You may not see any obvious difference in the tags, but if you use long tag view (using the option "Show long inline tags" from the Format menu), you will see that the value of the i attribute differs in the source text and the translation for some tags.

Explanation and recommended steps:   

This type of difference was probably not introduced in memoQ. There are two likely causes. One is that the translation came with the Transit package and it already contained this translation with the tag difference before import. Another possible explanation is that a previous package contained the same problem, and it got to your translation memory, and came back as a 100% match.

It is not necessary to fix this problem. Transit will be able to deal with the translation even if these attributes do not match. But you can open the tag for editing, and fix the attribute values manually, or copy over the "correct" tags from the source side.

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