Export a Wordfast Classic TM to TMX to use it with memoQ
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Context: You would like to use a Wordfast .txt TM in memoQ

How to: 

• In Wordfast Classic 4:

- click the "Export" button in Wordfast > Translation memories

- the current TM will be exported as TMX.

• In Wordfast classic 5.5 and later

- Go to the
 Data Editor and open the TM, then click on the upper-right Tools button.

- In the new dialog which appears, select
 Special filters, then, from the drop-down list, select Export TM as TMX.

IMPORTANT NOTE (special thanks to Dominique Pivard for the tip!):

Wordfast Classic native TMs are notoriously "weirdly formatted at times", and a default export as suggested above might not allow you to import all the original TUs.

But there is a way around that: the "free online version of Wordfast Classic", Wordfast Anywhere (http://anywhere.wordfast.com) will be able to correctly retrieve a native Wordfast Classic TM and export it in a reliable TMX file that can be used with any other tool, memoQ included.

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