Error: "The remote server is not available"
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Title : "The remote server is not available" message upon file retrieval

Context: When a user attempts to download a package from an online projects and is confronted with the following error message:"Login to server failed The remote server is not available".

Version: Any.

Description: The message indicates that there is no connection between the user's client and the server. It is a network problem.

Fix: The problem is likely to be related to the user's computer. The easiest way to check if your server is properly configured is to attempt the same operation from a different computer. If for instance another user has managed to do so, then the problem comes from the user's set up not the server's.

The firewall could be blocking the connection. memoQ tries to connect to the remote server's TCP port 2705, but rather than simply to allow connection through that port it is recommended to allow memoQ.exe through the firewall as an exception instead.

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