memoQSetup.x.x.xx.exe is not a commonly downloaded and could harm your computer
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Title: “memoQSetup.x.x.xx.exe is not a commonly downloaded and could harm your computer”

Context: You have just downloaded the memoQ setup .exe from the Kilgray website but an error message “memoQSetup.x.x.xx.exe is not a commonly downloaded and could harm your compute” restrains you from executing the software.

Description: If you are using Internet Explorer 9 then it is likely that the “SmartScreen Filter” has decided that the software could be dangerous for your computer because it simply doesn't recognize it. If you are downloading the installer from the Kilgray website there is no such risk. The other possibility is that the download was interrupted before being finished.


Check if the download was complete, if it has been interrupted download the .exe again.

If the download was complete click on “action” button.

You now have the elaborate choice between “Don't run this program”, “Delete program” or the discrete “More Options”, choose that last one.

This should have revealed the “Run anyway” option which you should select.

If this still hasn't worked please try again using a different web browser.

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