Error: Corrupt TM (translation memory)
Reference Number: AA-00256 Created: 11-10-2012 09:16 Last Updated: 11-10-2012 09:16 0 Rating/ Voters

Title: Corrupt TM (translation memory).

Context: In an open translation when you confirm (Ctrl+Enter) a translated segmen the following message pops up:

Impossible to add the entry to the translation memory.

The segment appears as confirmed in your document, but it has NOT been stored in the translation memory!”

Description: Your primary Translation Memory (TM) has been corrupted and no longer works properly.

Fix: You need to repair the translation memory before you can confirm segments again. Please follow the instructions in the How-to section of the Help on repairing translation memories (available here). 

Alternatively, you can create a new, empty translation memory and make it the primary translation memory of the project. This will allow you to confirm all segments, and deal with the translation memory later. This is not recommended if you still expect matches from the original primary translation memory

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